15 Week Silhouette

Alright any mamas or mamas-to-be out there, who happen to be reading this.. Here is my tidbit of wisdom.. Get over what ever is keeping you, and take some belly pictures!

My story:

First baby – no way I was getting in front of the camera!

Second baby – wanted to .. took a couple..

Third baby – doin’ this thing.. I’m not a weekly belly documentarian like some pros out there.. though I would love to have the progression.. I am just happy to have a few every four weeks or so… (as prompted by my ‘You today’ at hte beginning of each month).


So if you’re on the fence but it stresses you out…  Here are a few tips I’ve learned since joining a few photo a day groups and from general photography dabbling.

1. Be you.. don’t go crazy. Wear your hair as you normally would etc..

2. Either choose a tight fitting long shirt of dress that will show off your beautiful mama curves or if you have an awesome flowing dress be sure to wrap your arms around the top/bottom of belly while posing to get the curve..

3. For silhouettes like these read on..

4. IF you have sheer curtains (i just closed my voile white curtains when my light was decent around 10am)  or a large window with indirect but brighter light use that spot.. move stuff out of the way.. or choose a clear place on a wall to give you high contrast.. (natural light is most always best!.. turn out those lights!)

5. Using my DSLR camera, I turned on my self timer and bump up it up so it takes 3 shots each time (you’ll have 10 seconds to get in position and any more than 3 shots will be more than you want anyway.. ) Prop the camera up on something stable.. be sure to  calibrate the settings and check to be sure that you’ll fit in the viewfinder.

–if you don’t have a camera with a timer or want to make is simple, Use your iphone or smartphone! Download an app called SelfTimer. It’s well worth your money.. it’s so simple and works!! Do the same.. prop it up on a table or cabinet use hardcover books if you need to..  set the timer for 5 or 10 seconds and go..

6. Make sure the hair is not hiding your expression.. I personally liked the ones where I was looking at the belly (or on the floor just past the belly… so as not to have an over strained look)

7. Watch the strain (no double chins!) and tilt your face a tiny bit toward the window (for light reflection).. or for a pure silhouette.. look straight forward and keep trying until you get a nice highlight around your profile.

8. When you’re holding your pose .. just think about that little angel inside of ya.. it will stave off the fakies…

9. Once you have a nice side shot with high contrast.. you can use apps like photoforge and afterglow to spruce it up  : )

10. If you’re still having trouble, contact me! I’d be happy to help however I can.. or if you’re local and one of my mama friends.. come over someday around 10-10:30 and I’ll take some for ya!

15wksglamor 15wkscreamy 15wksbw 15wkscolor15wkshappyehHere are a handful I deemed worthy of editing : )

Have fun!!  and tag me if you do this or have your own awesome creation!! I would LOOOOVEE to see your gorgeous belly pics!! @10baretoes on Instagram : ) or tag me on Facebook. There’s an ‘f’ at the top of my webpage that’ll take you to mine!



April 1, 2013 - 4:32 pm

Mom - Great tutorial! I sent this to Sara. She should definitely have a pic of her belly too!

April 1, 2013 - 4:49 pm

10baretoes - Thanks! .. you never know how it’lll read… YES she needs a few!!!

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