Easy Cake

Easy Cake


Why do I call this easy cake?

Well, it’s all a standard box cake with a twist.

For the cake I chose the white cake and white frosting by Betty Crocker.

I was big on color for this party, all stemming from the Confetti Wall .

I had originally wanted to make a tall ombre cake, but threw that out when I realized that I loved my new Cakestand and it would not fit.

Plan B

While baking, I cut out a big ‘-1-‘ to be a stencil for the sprinkes.

I mixed up the standard old food coloring and made Robins Nest blue of the PB paint collection from 2010. (I know this bc it’s in my 3 year olds room).. I told you I can be seriously OCD with my colors..

Just go heavy on the blue, and light on green and yellow .. keep mixing until you’ve got a nice rich aqua!

Frost that puppy nice and thick, then sprinkle around the number.

For more sprinkle inspiration check out Tikkido.com.


‘A party without cake is just a meeting’ Julia Childs.

This was no meeting ; )


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