Honeycomb Cluster DIY

This is how we cluster.

5-3-13 Honeycombcluster1

I will do my best to describe the engineering genius that is Jon. .. catering to my every decorating whim.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of the steps.

You will need:

 3- 1/2″x1/2″ hobby wood pieces

a dowel

a saw, a hammer, tiny nails

24 gauge steel wire (for hanging and arranging)

Thin nylon rope (for hanging)

Several Poms or Honeycomb clusters or lanterns in various sizes.. or all the same size.. whatever suits your fancy! (I bought mine from Shop Sweet Lulu)


1.  So, the frame will be a different length and width to fit the vision of your particular portable cluster arrangement, but I’ll include the standard lengths that   I used for mine..

2. Make a tiny ladder, mine was the length of the wood 36″ and the inner rungs were the 3rd stick divided into 4 pieces(roughly 9″)

Once you have your ladder:

3. use the steel wire and create handles on each end, it’s bendable so you just wrap it around the corners several times and bring them to a point for hanging purposes.. so be mindful of the length of each piece so they’re not too lopsided)

4. Find somewhere to hang your frame, we happen to have an open staircase that works well, we used a dowel but a broomstick works as well to hold the handles … tape the wire to the dowel.

(continued below)


5. Open all of your honeycombs or poms with strings already attached.

6. Cut several pieces of steel wire with extra length than you might need (you can always trim it when you’re finished)

7. Feed wire through the sting loop on the pouf and twist once.

8 Attach to frame.


– I found the easiest way to arrange was to start with the largest poufs and work my way to the smallest.-

-For the largest and heaviest pouf I took the separate sides of the wire and wrapped the opposite sides of the frame to keep the weight balanced-

-hold up colors next to one another first and have a slight plan for which you like next to one another-

-be mindful of the the weight balance.. try to anchor the heavier ones and pop the tiny ones on last-

To hang this with the rope, my husband screwed hooks into the sides and tied the the string up tight, then (using equally measured ropes) tied loops into the long rope.. allowing the dowel to be easily slipped in.




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