25 weeks and skin average practice

Well ‘our boy’ is measuring 25 weeks now! I’m heading into my third trimester.. and starting to feel it..

Working on editing in Lightroom as well as photoshop using RGB and CMYK averages to get a better skin tone… definitely a work in progress, but enjoying a new control.. these practice shots became more artsy …  I was wishing that I took these earlier in the day or in a better spot to get more natural light .. but I still learned a bunch LiveSnapLove as well as the skin tutorial in the latest Click Magazine.

I’m finding the more that I know.. the more I need to know about photography and editing.. it can be intimidating but exciting at the same time.. that the possibilites are endless..



For all the pregnant ladies out there.. I also have to say I am seriously enjoying these elastic waisted pants from Free people . just bump up your size… don’t get me started on my aversion to maternity clothing.. these are a great alternative this summer..  I’m also embracing the bandeaus and sheer tops …  there are a lot of flowy tops out there right now, I got the one shown from Urban Outfitters –Pins and Needles daisy lace tank. Prices are comparable, you can wear them after without feeling weird about it : )



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