In a world of White

Give a hand to the lovely Cali!

This shoot was homework for the class I’m taking through

The Define School called Inspiration to Publication with Ben Sasso.

For this shoot, I prepared weeks in advance inspiration, mood, character wardrobe, hair and makeup.

We hit all elements of my shot list and I had the opportunity to ‘style’ the location to some extent.

It was fun seeing a balcony transform into a world of white.

Seeing ‘the plan’ unfold into something greater was exciting.

I’m so thankful for my mom and sister Bailey for their input and assistance and gorgeous cheese and grape plates!


Lessons in planning and flexibility.

Learning how to stick to the mood, the plan and guiding the shoot while allowing room where anything can happen..

because THAT is where it’s at.

Post processing was fun.. as you may notice.. I experimented with a few styles.. trying some on warm some cool.. some crossed

I love the endless progress there is to be had on this journey.

If you read this far.. or even just looked at my slideshow..

Thanks for sharing in it with me.


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