Community Eats — ‘Popeye’s Bruiser’


community eats

I am so honored to have been asked by Bethany Reid, CEO of Community Eats

to guest blog a favorite recipe kicking off

a two week mini series on how to get your family eating healthy.

I’ll be honest.

When she first asked me I kind of freaked out.. I eat a LOT of frozen dinners…

Having three little ones under 4, healthy eating just doesn’t happen that much lately.

BUT…guess what?!

 Community Eats is all about making healthy food simple and bringing people together in creative ways!

 There are so many great posts with ideas that make gathering simple! ..I can do simple!


So my contribution is our go-to smoothie.

… because even when we are super busy, it’s my way of cramming in a punch of nutrients.



Be encouraged! If I can do it you can do it!

I’m so excited to incorporate more simple healthy recipes, this mini series was made for people like me!


Thanks Bethany for your natural gift to gather and encourage.

Our family’s health is already thanking you.




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