Lauren & Beau’s San Francisco Engagement Day

We began our day bright and early at our favorite coffee stop, Sideboard! Cozying up with their familiar morning coffee gave just the right amount of warm fuzzies to create the perfect prequel to our San Francisco Engagement Session.  We reconvened and set out on our adventure. The first stop was the quiet and quaint  neighborhood of Cole Valley.  Stopping off at The Ice Cream Bar to cool off from the unusually toasty temp. We took a nice jaunt around and made our way to Stow Lake a few minutes short of the rental. Then,  Beau and his convincing charm inspired the boat manager who lent us his personal boat!  What seemed like a sad turn of events, ended up being blessing in disguise as our plan B went into full effect. The timing upon arrival to Tank Hill couldn’t have been better. Now, I can’t even imaging ending such a lovely time together without seeing the sunset over the city with a nearly 365 views and a WARM breeze!

Lauren and Beau were such a breeze to work with and not just because they’re easy on the eyes!!



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