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Photographer’s Kids

Completely random shoot at home. Naptime is winding down.. kids winding up. It’s like a contest, who can be theView full post »

She’s 11 months now!

An effective way to occupy an 11 month old is to place a lot of nicely folded and piled things within reach.View full post »

First Day of Kindergaten!

She’s a Kindergartener! I love that this doesn’t even phase her.. She’s confident, smart and a socialView full post »

Emma 6 Months

Today, Emma is exactly 6 months old. She’s learning to sit for a few seconds at a time and soon I will bitterly&#View full post »

3 Months

Tummy time love Goos Jabbers Rolling and it looks like some teething already!View full post »

My Little Star

And sometimes, I take pictures at naptime. She’s 2.5 months and my little Darling! View full post »

She’s Coming!

This birth was different than my typical rush to the hospital frenzy. I made it to my due date ready, exhausted andView full post »

One Month Old!

Emma . I see so much love and wisdom in your beautiful little eyes. Which, I know they still may change, but those eyesView full post »

The First Bath

The Sweetness. Interested Sister. Happy Bathing Baby. & Hands-on Daddies are the hottest. View full post »

Days like this.

Honey Dos. Pretty Packing Pretty Planning Fort Making. I love days like this.View full post »

Us in 2014

  An impromptu family self portraiture This is why you hire a (or another) professional ; ) I love it though, in allView full post »

Our Day of Thanks

I feel an overwhelming amount on peace in this Thanksgiving holiday. We have a so so much to be grateful for. <3View full post »

Little Monkeys

My Little Monkeys. My Three Girls. One August Morning. 85/1.2L & VSCO5 Kodak UltraMax 800 Cool (plus my fine tuningView full post »

July Week ??

It’s Mid July! This happened yesterday, because my camera was out. Big girl chats. Apple Sauce tops. Sticky snacksView full post »

Three Girls and a Boy

For their parent’s anniversary, they snuck away to get some sibling pictures! What a timeless and awesome gift! IView full post »

Girl’s Room Revamp

Because, it will not look like this in 10 minutes! The in-between stage celebrated. “Let Her Sleep, for when sheView full post »

The Boys.

For Mother’s Day, Dad surprised Mom with a styled shoot of ‘Her Boys’ There was so much thought in theView full post »

A year of Smiles!

(Link below in bold) SLIDESHOW A year of smiles. Thank you all for being in ‘my frame’ <3View full post »

In a world of White

Give a hand to the lovely Cali! This shoot was homework for the class I’m taking through The Define School calledView full post »

Week 10

Week 10 Daylight Savings!! Playing with a new speedlight and tiny softbox attachment M got his first TOOTH!! C-1 had aView full post »

Week 9

In a weeks time. We have experienced puddles. M can sit! and kids being kids.View full post »

Week 8

Another crazy silly week of fun. Toe snacks. Beanie Bandit and Nested Smoothie PicnicView full post »

Weeks 6 & 7

Painting. Finger painting. “Rainbow” C1 loving her brother Valentines surprises and treats. and Bubble BathView full post »

Week 5

Week 5 Milestones. This week C-1 has taken her castle building to new heights. She is careful, symmetrical and I loveView full post »

Week 4

Waking up. Elmos Monster Maker Embracing the pose. Ice Cream Bath time Roly-Poly baby legs & The Baba.View full post »

Week 3

Week 3 Real Life. Toe Jam. ‘Noodle!’ (why do kids like that guy anyway???) Baskets Baby traps and that thingView full post »

Week 2

YAY week 2! Today we pretty much did everything the same as last week HA! but Different week comes with different sidesView full post »

Week 1

So begins my 52 Project. For 52 weeks this year I aim to snap some quick portraits of my kids. I love the simpleView full post »

3 months

It is that crazy time when I can’t imagine my life without him.. and 3 months ago I’d never met him. So.. ofView full post »

Portland Winter

Lucky. For my birthday, I got to spend a weekend in Portland! A little backstory: When we got married 5 -6 years ago weView full post »

Warm Wishes

This epic duo can bring the creativity. & They put out a serious christmas card. I was excited to get a behind theView full post »

Briana’s Family

She has such a fun and outgoing family. : )View full post »


Family. Friends. Food. Funnies. So incredibly grateful. Special thanks to Mom for keeping our traditions alive. <3View full post »

3 weeks

3 weeks old. Initiated into the beanie club! Thank you BFGH! : ) I am loving this little guy… I caught himView full post »