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Photographer’s Kids

Completely random shoot at home. Naptime is winding down.. kids winding up. It’s like a contest, who can be theView full post »

My Little Star

And sometimes, I take pictures at naptime. She’s 2.5 months and my little Darling! View full post »

She’s Coming!

This birth was different than my typical rush to the hospital frenzy. I made it to my due date ready, exhausted andView full post »

One Month Old!

Emma . I see so much love and wisdom in your beautiful little eyes. Which, I know they still may change, but those eyesView full post »

The First Bath

The Sweetness. Interested Sister. Happy Bathing Baby. & Hands-on Daddies are the hottest. View full post »

Days like this.

Honey Dos. Pretty Packing Pretty Planning Fort Making. I love days like this.View full post »

31 Weeks

I took a bit of naptime on this rainy day to take a few self portraits. HER & MEView full post »

Us in 2014

  An impromptu family self portraiture This is why you hire a (or another) professional ; ) I love it though, in allView full post »

Our Day of Thanks

I feel an overwhelming amount on peace in this Thanksgiving holiday. We have a so so much to be grateful for. <3View full post »

July Week ??

It’s Mid July! This happened yesterday, because my camera was out. Big girl chats. Apple Sauce tops. Sticky snacksView full post »

Girl’s Room Revamp

Because, it will not look like this in 10 minutes! The in-between stage celebrated. “Let Her Sleep, for when sheView full post »

A year of Smiles!

(Link below in bold) SLIDESHOW A year of smiles. Thank you all for being in ‘my frame’ <3View full post »

Glitzy Makeup Brush Holder DIY

Pen or Makeup Brush Holder DIY What you’ll need: YES PASTE! Scissors Glitter Ribbon (sub any paste-able decor)View full post »

Community Eats — ‘Popeye’s Bruiser’

I am so honored to have been asked by Bethany Reid, CEO of Community Eats to guest blog a favorite recipe View full post »

Week 14

It has been about 4 weeks since I last posted for the 52 project. I’m not pushing it.. but we did have a nice bathView full post »

Week 10

Week 10 Daylight Savings!! Playing with a new speedlight and tiny softbox attachment M got his first TOOTH!! C-1 had aView full post »

Week 9

In a weeks time. We have experienced puddles. M can sit! and kids being kids.View full post »

Week 8

Another crazy silly week of fun. Toe snacks. Beanie Bandit and Nested Smoothie PicnicView full post »

Weeks 6 & 7

Painting. Finger painting. “Rainbow” C1 loving her brother Valentines surprises and treats. and Bubble BathView full post »

Week 5

Week 5 Milestones. This week C-1 has taken her castle building to new heights. She is careful, symmetrical and I loveView full post »

Week 4

Waking up. Elmos Monster Maker Embracing the pose. Ice Cream Bath time Roly-Poly baby legs & The Baba.View full post »

Week 3

Week 3 Real Life. Toe Jam. ‘Noodle!’ (why do kids like that guy anyway???) Baskets Baby traps and that thingView full post »

Week 2

YAY week 2! Today we pretty much did everything the same as last week HA! but Different week comes with different sidesView full post »

Week 1

So begins my 52 Project. For 52 weeks this year I aim to snap some quick portraits of my kids. I love the simpleView full post »

3 months

It is that crazy time when I can’t imagine my life without him.. and 3 months ago I’d never met him. So.. ofView full post »

Portland Winter

Lucky. For my birthday, I got to spend a weekend in Portland! A little backstory: When we got married 5 -6 years ago weView full post »

3 weeks

3 weeks old. Initiated into the beanie club! Thank you BFGH! : ) I am loving this little guy… I caught himView full post »

Ruba dub dubby.

I’m a proud mama. Benton Maverick is 2 weeks old. He gained a little over 1 lb. & is in great health.View full post »

Benton Maverick One Week

For the last of this series. Here he is Benton Maverick at One week. It is amazing how much of your life can change in aView full post »

Maverick’s Room

Well, we’re wrapping things up around here. Maverick’s room is almost complete! Miss Claire still uses hisView full post »

38.5 weeks

38.5 weeks. because at this point, half weeks count! Maverick Benton in the making. My little bun is not soView full post »

30 weeks

Today begins another month of Project Life 365 – and as always starting it off with a You Today prompt, this dayView full post »

25 weeks and skin average practice

Well ‘our boy’ is measuring 25 weeks now! I’m heading into my third trimester.. and starting to feelView full post »

Location Scouting Casting Call

My ‘unsuspecting model’ has been such a great sport being my subject in my location scouting/ practice.. butView full post »