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First Day of Kindergaten!

She’s a Kindergartener! I love that this doesn’t even phase her.. She’s confident, smart and a socialView full post »

Six Month Shoots

I don’t know. I think that 6 month shoots could be the next hit. I mean, they really grow so much at this stageView full post »

My Little Star

And sometimes, I take pictures at naptime. She’s 2.5 months and my little Darling! View full post »

She’s Coming!

This birth was different than my typical rush to the hospital frenzy. I made it to my due date ready, exhausted andView full post »

Lauren & Beau’s San Francisco Engagement Day

We began our day bright and early at our favorite coffee stop, Sideboard! Cozying up with their familiar morning coffeeView full post »

‘The Art of Being a Woman’

A shoot inspired by Darling Magazine. Model: Courtny She knows that Confidence is her most valuable power tool. She&#View full post »

Laura 2014

I loved working with Laura. From the beginning, she was calm poised and decisive. On the shoot, if she had nerves, IView full post »

Senior Ball and 10baretoes Anniversary!

About a year ago, I was asked if I would kindly take Junior Prom pictures for these two crazy kids. Over the pastView full post »

Community Eats — ‘Popeye’s Bruiser’

I am so honored to have been asked by Bethany Reid, CEO of Community Eats to guest blog a favorite recipe View full post »

In a world of White

Give a hand to the lovely Cali! This shoot was homework for the class I’m taking through The Define School calledView full post »

Cali Girl

I can’t believe our Cali girl is 16!! From our time in Capitola celebrating the baby of our fambam. Cali&#View full post »

Let’s Ride the Carousel!

  We had a fun afternoon at the Carousel! It’s always a fun time with these guys! Thank you : ) OnlineView full post »

Zander’s been Promoted!

The cutest Announcement of New baby ever!  Leave it to this hot mama to have layers of creativity to such a specialView full post »

Little Leona Patterns

Modeling a dress made by Little Leona Patterns. The Chloe dress was made from one of her Papa’s old shirts. ItView full post »


See full SLIDESHOW here I had such a great time shooting this gorgeous gal! She rocked it!  View full post »

Location Scouting Casting Call

My ‘unsuspecting model’ has been such a great sport being my subject in my location scouting/ practice.. butView full post »

Memorial Day 2013

SLIDESHOW!! Hey Family and Friends! We had a great time visiting for Memorial Day Weekend, meeting the brand newView full post »

SF photo tour

A Photog’s dream date! Scouting a list of sweet locations I’d never been.      Our Stops: SydneyView full post »

Urban Girl

This woman is Gold. Inside and out. and she made Valencia St. Look GOOOD today ; ) A stunning model. I like to call herView full post »

What will it Bee?

What Will it Bee? I had the pleasure of photographing an INCREDIBLE shower. Every detail was so intriguing and classy,View full post »

‘All By MYself’ toddler breakie

‘Mommy, I’m hungry!’ Are these the first words you hear in the morning? If the answer is yes, youView full post »

Yearly Pic with Favorites.

Have you seen this? I did my best to copy it. ; ) I would love to give credit directly.. but I can’t findView full post »

Easy Cake

Easy Cake Why do I call this easy cake? Well, it’s all a standard box cake with a twist. For the cake I chose theView full post »

Honeycomb Cluster DIY

This is how we cluster. I will do my best to describe the engineering genius that is Jon. .. catering to my everyView full post »

Confetti Dress

Baby and Children Photographers!! How do you do it?  Though not as anticipated.. I stil got a few that I’View full post »

Happy Bday Claire-Baby !

Claire. You bring a sweet warmth to our family. I love you more than I can begin to describe. I am sad to seeView full post »

15 Week Silhouette

Alright any mamas or mamas-to-be out there, who happen to be reading this.. Here is my tidbit of wisdom.. Get over whatView full post »

Comfy — Sevenly

Everyone who knows me or, who has seen me since the temperature dropped, knows that my Sevenly sweatshirts get the mostView full post »

This is how I YogurtShack.

This is how I yogurt shack. Chocolate. Vanilla. Rainbow sprinkles.  View full post »

‘A word’

Perhaps one of the most important words. Always remember to play. What does ‘play’ mean to you?  View full post »


My alternate for ‘TGIF’ worked out nicely for ‘Doodles’ This made me smile. I suppose the artistView full post »

‘View from my car’

I loved the tunnel and seeing the last stretch… this was one of my favorite options from shared space… thisView full post »

Sure Enough. Vday pro over here..

This is happening. Real Time. : )First and always Valentine.. : )  View full post »

‘On the Floor’

Just checking out something ‘on the floor’ My little tiny ballerina/ yogi.   Above is after framing andView full post »