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‘A child’s perspective’

  A child’s perspective. Baby gold. Mac n cheese. Jackpot!View full post »

‘Your Name’

My Name is Brittny. No ‘a’ no ‘e’, just ‘-ny’ I’ve said this countless times.View full post »

Day 34 ‘Daily Life’

This is my daily life. Hanging out with these two little ladies.  View full post »

‘Favorite Movie’

Ferris: Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism’s in my opinion are not good. A personView full post »


Dinner Date tonight with a Claire sidekick… and what better place.. what better use of electricity.. a stretch IView full post »

‘an apple’ CMglimpse

there it is.. ‘an apple’ in all it’s out of season fibrousness… View full post »

FMS Day 21 ‘What I do’

  Entertain. Toddler Style.Laundry with this cutie. In a nutshell ; )  View full post »

‘Note from your child’

My love ‘note’ from Chloe. These three ‘honey bunnies’ spell what no words possibly could. 2.4View full post »


Shadow.   This was the first toy that was ever bought for our kids. The squish. My husband loves this toy. On thisView full post »

Day 16 ‘Dramatic B&W’

The first was the one I chose to share … I found her splashing the most interesting : ) I love the mess. I loveView full post »

‘Favorite necklace’

eh not my favorite post but nice to change it up.View full post »

Ordinary Moment

I have joined a bit late for the FMS photo a day. If you’re into photos like I am.. I encourage you to take up oneView full post »

‘Something Yellow’

FMSphotoaday  ‘Something Yellow’ There is just something so nostalgic about yellow blonde hair.  View full post »

‘The last book i read’

At the Alter in your Underwear by Alexis AsbeThis is THE BEST wedding book. REALLY. A bride’s BFF.  I can’tView full post »

Sunflare Claire …well tiny flare..

Ok… I am not an expert in this area.. and I think my aperture was too wide.. advice welcome : ) Here’s oneView full post »

Early morning Bedhead

Today on Clickin Moms Glimpse we are all documenting ‘bedhead’. I was excited for this one, I have alwaysView full post »

My Experiential Care Package

Do you like surprises? I LOVE surprises. A lot of people say they hate surprises, but I think that–deep down–View full post »

When Dad does Laundry

When Dad does laundry… Boxer briefs can be a dress..  And Dad relives the ‘old days’ when Claire usedView full post »

Claire-baby 8 months

Our sweet Claire baby is 8 months yesterday. Milestones Lately Pulling herself up on furniture Crawling DadadadadaView full post »

4 going on 3.14

How lovely to have seen my latest post on my rusty old tumblr to be of our 3rd anniversary. A lot has happened in a yearView full post »

A Buggy Birthday Bash

My little lady bug  just turned two, and for months before her party, her favorite thing to do was “Find bugs!&#View full post »

My Print has a Home!

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered the Live What You Love print from etsy. It was my Snail Mail Christmas… andView full post »

Stop and be Thankful : )

So I was inspired by Our Family of Four’s ‘Thankful Thursday’ embrace the camera I have a lot to beView full post »

Discovering Tahoe

Our first morning in Tahoe I took Chloe outside to introduce her. Jon was saying how cool it is to watch Chloe getView full post »

Taking it outside

Taking the photo shoot outside … trying the 6 o’clock in September sun bursty ish thing. Here’s my 15View full post »

CLEAN Smoothie Part 1

A while back, I attempted the CLEAN  program.. and though I was never able to complete a full cleanse…. IView full post »

One for One .. and we thought the shoes were brilliant!

Wow.  For those of you who don’t know.. I had been a die hard flip flop wearing crazy person since high schoolView full post »