Zander’s been Promoted!

The cutest Announcement of New baby ever!  Leave it to this hot mama to have layers of creativity to such a specialView full post »

Capitola Mini Sessions!

Big news!! Want to make the most of that summer tan? Capture a bit of summer 2013? Want another reason to hit the beachView full post »

Tom & Carol

Spontaneous Exploration. My parents are pretty Rad!View full post »

Courtney 2014

What an amazing day tromping around the City of San Francisco! I am so honored to have photographed this youngView full post »

Courtny 2013

This lady has got it all folks.. Gorgeous, smart, hilarious and incredibly kind. I am lucky enough to have known her allView full post »

Bailey 2013

Check out the  (smaller) Full Slideshow complete with tunes : ) and the FULL SCREEN slideshow! and for those whoseView full post »

Little Leona Patterns

Modeling a dress made by Little Leona Patterns. The Chloe dress was made from one of her Papa’s old shirts. ItView full post »


See full SLIDESHOW here I had such a great time shooting this gorgeous gal! She rocked it!  View full post »

SF photo tour

A Photog’s dream date! Scouting a list of sweet locations I’d never been.      Our Stops: SydneyView full post »

Urban Girl

This woman is Gold. Inside and out. and she made Valencia St. Look GOOOD today ; ) A stunning model. I like to call herView full post »

What will it Bee?

What Will it Bee? I had the pleasure of photographing an INCREDIBLE shower. Every detail was so intriguing and classy,View full post »

Yearly Pic with Favorites.

Have you seen this? I did my best to copy it. ; ) I would love to give credit directly.. but I can’t findView full post »

Confetti Dress

Baby and Children Photographers!! How do you do it?  Though not as anticipated.. I stil got a few that I’View full post »

You Today

Today I am nearly 22 weeks along with my little man! With my other pregnancies, I always thought.. . it’s so farView full post »

The Teen Life.

 “It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there isView full post »

Prom 2013

‘We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled but as candles to be lit’ -Robert Shaffer. HereView full post »

15 Week Silhouette

Alright any mamas or mamas-to-be out there, who happen to be reading this.. Here is my tidbit of wisdom.. Get over whatView full post »

Comfy — Sevenly

Everyone who knows me or, who has seen me since the temperature dropped, knows that my Sevenly sweatshirts get the mostView full post »

You Today

March 1st 2013. I call this ‘Vogue Lion’ Here’s how you achieve ‘Vogue Lion’ 1. download aView full post »

This is how I YogurtShack.

This is how I yogurt shack. Chocolate. Vanilla. Rainbow sprinkles.  View full post »

‘A word’

Perhaps one of the most important words. Always remember to play. What does ‘play’ mean to you?  View full post »


My alternate for ‘TGIF’ worked out nicely for ‘Doodles’ This made me smile. I suppose the artistView full post »

‘View from my car’

I loved the tunnel and seeing the last stretch… this was one of my favorite options from shared space… thisView full post »

Sure Enough. Vday pro over here..

This is happening. Real Time. : )First and always Valentine.. : )  View full post »

‘On the Floor’

Just checking out something ‘on the floor’ My little tiny ballerina/ yogi.   Above is after framing andView full post »

‘A child’s perspective’

  A child’s perspective. Baby gold. Mac n cheese. Jackpot!View full post »

‘Your Name’

My Name is Brittny. No ‘a’ no ‘e’, just ‘-ny’ I’ve said this countless times.View full post »

Day 34 ‘Daily Life’

This is my daily life. Hanging out with these two little ladies.  View full post »

‘Favorite Movie’

Ferris: Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism’s in my opinion are not good. A personView full post »


Dinner Date tonight with a Claire sidekick… and what better place.. what better use of electricity.. a stretch IView full post »

‘an apple’ CMglimpse

there it is.. ‘an apple’ in all it’s out of season fibrousness… View full post »

FMS Day 21 ‘What I do’

  Entertain. Toddler Style.Laundry with this cutie. In a nutshell ; )  View full post »

‘Note from your child’

My love ‘note’ from Chloe. These three ‘honey bunnies’ spell what no words possibly could. 2.4View full post »


Shadow.   This was the first toy that was ever bought for our kids. The squish. My husband loves this toy. On thisView full post »